A partnership of experienced European senior executives with an extensive global, influential network.

DO-International is engaged in a wide range of services and industries, such as biotech, energy, sustainability.

It operates through a large network of international contacts & partners in Europe, North America, the Middle East, the Far East, and Russia.

Do-International is headquartered in Los Angeles, The Hague and Geneva.

Talent Software

The Digital ecosystem in which we are all operating today and tomorrow allows only for very short customer contact moments.

Each customer contact, therefore, has to become much more efficient and effective, in order to have optimal results.

With our USA partner Cohen Brown, we have developed a proven methodology which dramatically will improve the results of each customer contact.



We are trading oil and gas products, including: JP54, ENG 580, LPG,…..

We work through a network of trusted partners and customers in all major global areas, like the middle east, Eastern Europe, Russia, the USA, Central Europe, The Far East and Africa.



Another focus of our company is on structural, long term sustainability.
It includes transition processes, f.i. for plastic waste, which we transform into oil products.

We are currently developing a project that is aimed at the cleaning-up of the plastic in the Oceans. In this project we cooperate with the ICES foundation in Geneva and BRNO university (CZ), with financial support of the Czech government.


Procedure documents

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