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A partnership of experienced European senior executives with an extensive global, influential network.

DO-International is engaged in a training division and an oil trading division. 

It operates through a large network of international contacts & partners in Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Far East.

DO-International is headquartered in Los Angeles, The Hague and Geneva.

We are the partner company of ANOG Petroleum Group.



We are trading oil and gas products, including: JP54, ENG 580, LPG,…..

We work through a network of trusted partners and customers in all major global areas, like the middle east, Eastern Europe, the USA, Central Europe, The Far East and Africa.

We work in accordance with the standard procedures of the business and to the highest industry standards, in terms of confidentiality, security and trustworthiness.
We also comply with all global laws on money laundering prevention and financial malpractices.

We invite you to contact us when you want to buy any of our products.

Procedure documents

Direct download of our prepared documents